Password managers are great because they let you generate secure passwords while at the same time helping you remember them. Typically speaking, you should never share passwords, but in the event that it becomes necessary, 1Password has announced a new way for users to share their passwords with non-1Password users securely.

Prior to this, sharing a password would mean emailing or texting a copy of that password to the other person, which is hardly ideal because text messages and emails can be read and seen by other people besides the intended recipient. However, 1Password believes they’ve come up with a more secure alternative.

Basically what happens is that 1Password will generate a web link for the password the user wants to share. This link will expire after a set period of time so that once it expires, even the person who received the link won’t be able to see it anymore. Users can also set a specified email address that the recipient will have to enter to verify themselves where they’ll receive a one-time verification code.

For companies that might share passwords across departments, 1Password is also including the details in the Activity Log, where you’ll be able to see the item shared, who shared it, date and time, email address of the recipient, and more. While sharing passwords is less than ideal, in the event that you do need to do it, this seems like a better way.

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