One of the new features of iOS 14 that users have been anticipating is the ability to set default apps. Previously, website links would typically open in Safari, even if you use Chrome primarily. Email links would also open in the iOS Mail app, despite the fact that users might be using other apps like Outlook, Gmail, and so on.

However, it was discovered that there was a bug in iOS 14 that would reset these default apps whenever the iPhone or iPad was restarted, which is rather annoying. The good news is that Apple did not take long to fix that bug because the company has recently issued an update that brings devices up to iOS 14.0.1, and one of the bugs it addresses is the default app resetting bug.

For those who do not reset or restart their iPhones or iPads that frequent, then we suppose this isn’t really that big of a deal. However, if you’re the type that restarts their devices every now and then, we imagine that it can be annoying having to redo all your settings every time that happens, although this update will now hopefully make it a thing of the past.

In addition to fixing that bug, iOS 14.0.1 also addresses other bugs like camera previews now displaying, or preventing the iPhone from connecting to WiFI, sending an email, or preventing images from appearing in widgets. The update should already be live so you should be able to update your iPhone or iPad now.

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