Apple made a surprising announcement last week when they revealed that iOS 14 would be released the next day after the announcement itself. This is of course great news for iPhone and iPad users who might have been looking forward to some of the new features and changes to the platform.

In fact, based on the current adoption rate of iOS 14 from the data gathered by Mixpanel, it appears that iOS 14 is being adopted at a much faster rate compared to its predecessor, iOS 13. In about a week following its release, iOS 14 was found to have been installed on approximately 27% of all compatible devices. This is versus iOS 13 which managed 20% in the same period of time.

However, take note that these are not official figures so take them with a grain of salt for now, but given that Mixpanel bases their data on visits to websites and app analytics, there is a chance that the official figures could be higher or similar. At the rate things are going, iOS 14 could end up being installed on more devices a lot faster than iOS 13.

There are many things to love about iOS 14, such as the ability to add widgets to the home screen, which seems to be very popular and home screen designs are currently trending on TikTok, along with the ability to change default apps for the browser and email, something that iOS users have been asking for for a long time, and that Apple finally introduced to iOS 14.

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