So pre-orders of the Xbox Series X and Series S have gone live and as expected, many have rushed to online retailers to place their orders. Some customers have struggled with their orders due to the rush of thousands of others hoping to snag a unit upon release, but some have found the process a bit too easy.

According to various postings on Twitter, there is a good reason why some users have had no issues with their orders. It is because some have mistakenly placed an order for either the Xbox One X or the Xbox One S instead of the Series X or Series S. According to one user, “I happily snagged my ‘Xbox’ at 8am from Best Buy…wondered why it said it would be ready on 9/30…only to realize I had selected an Xbox One S…not Series S.”

It doesn’t seem to be limited to just a handful of customers either because as noted by Andrew Alerts on Twitter, Xbox One X sales on Amazon have spiked by a whopping 747%. We can safely assume that this has to do with mistaken orders, although it’s safe to assume that some were placed in earnest.

If you were one of those who accidentally ordered an Xbox One X instead of the Series X, you might take comfort in knowing that even Microsoft themselves are confused with the naming. As The Verge’s Tom Warren points out, Microsoft even called the console the “Xbox One Series X” on one of their pages.

That being said, if you have placed an order for the Xbox Series X or Series S, maybe it might be a good idea to double check your confirmation email to make sure that you have indeed ordered Microsoft’s next-gen console.

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