The other day, Microsoft released its Xbox app for Android. For those unfamiliar, this is different from the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate service where users can stream games from the cloud onto their mobile devices. Instead, this app will stream a game you own from your Xbox console onto your mobile device, acting like a local server of sorts.

So what about iOS gamers? The good news is that it looks like this remote streaming feature will be coming to iOS devices soon in an update to the Xbox app. The update is currently being tested out in TestFlight meaning that it’s pretty much in beta, but once that’s done with, it should be pushed out for everyone to download.

What’s interesting about this is that despite Microsoft previously griping about Apple’s restrictions regarding game streaming, it seems that the company will still comply with Apple’s App Store rules all the same. In case you’re hearing about this for the first time, basically Apple finally relaxed the rules regarding game streaming earlier this month.

However, despite the new rules opening the door for game streaming services like xCloud to come to iOS devices, companies like Microsoft still felt they were a bit restrictive. This is due to the fact that the rules require that all games available on the streaming service will also need to be listed individually on the App Store as a way for Apple to review these games to ensure that they meet the App Store’s requirements.

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