One of the features of iOS 14 is that the company is finally bringing support for picture-in-picture mode when it comes to videos. Apps, of course, need to be updated to take advantage of the new feature. YouTube was discovered to be testing this out in their app back in August, but they have yet to update their app to support it.

This means that for now, users could only use the feature through on Safari on their iPhones, or at least that was the case. According to Eric Slivka of MacRumors, it seems that picture-in-picture mode support for has been removed for the iPhone. Now when users try to enable the feature, it works for a second before it disappears.

It is unclear if this is a bug or if YouTube removed it because earlier, it was working just fine for all users. Oddly enough, this feature seems to still work if you were to watch an embedded YouTube video on a website. Some have speculated that this could be YouTube trying to prevent non-Premium users from accessing this feature.

That being said, picture-in-picture still works on the iPad version of YouTube, even if you’re not subscribed to Premium. We suppose for iPhone users, you will just have to wait for the company to update its iOS app if you’d like to take advantage of the new feature.

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