According to a recent rumor, it was suggested that the AirTags tracking accessory by Apple would not debut at the company’s iPhone 12 event, and would instead be launched in March 2021. Half of it was right because there was no mention of the accessory during the iPhone 12 event, but the other half could now be different.

According to a tweet by Jon Prosser, he claims that Apple could instead be preparing a launch of the AirTags in November. He claims that Apple will launch the AirTags alongside the release of iOS 14.3, which apparently is set for a release in November, and where the update will contain features that will enable the tracking accessory.

Prosser also claims that the AirTags are already ready and are good to go, and that the reason why Apple has been delaying the release is because they were waiting for the “right time”, although we’re not sure how the company is looking to determine when it would be the right time to release them.

Apple is apparently planning another event for November where this time, the event will focus on Apple’s upcoming Apple Silicon Mac computers. If that is the case, we suppose it does seem like a good opportunity for the company to announce the AirTags accessories, although it would be a bit strange given that it seems to be largely an iPhone-related accessory. Either way, take it with a grain of salt for now.

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