While Apple products are expensive, they do hold their resale value especially if you take care of them really well, where even after a couple of years, devices like the iPhone can still sell for a bit of money secondhand. This is why they’re especially valuable for thieves who believe that they can fence stolen Apple goods.

It is also why it doesn’t really come as a surprise to learn that over in the UK, a group of thieves managed to stop a truck containing a bunch of Apple products worth an estimated $6.6 million and made off with it. The heist seems to have been carefully planned where the truck driver and security guard were tied up but were otherwise unharmed.

The police later found the stolen truck which had already been emptied out and a total of 48 pallets worth of Apple products were transferred into a third vehicle. The Northamptonshire Police are now seeking witnesses and individuals who might have been offered Apple products for sale under unusual circumstances and might have been offered suspiciously low prices.

That being said, we’re not sure if these devices can be sold. This is because Apple has a system in which they can remotely disable stolen products, meaning that there is a chance that these thieves might have made off with a bunch of expensive bricks, although we guess they could still sell them to people who might not know about it.

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