fortnite season 2For many years, developers have been adapting the free-to-play model in which the game costs nothing to download and to play, but gamers have the option of spending real-life money on things like costumes, skins, weapons, boosts, and so on, allowing developers to earn more money than they normally would.

However, many gamers don’t really enjoy this model as in some cases, certain games can feel limitations when they can’t progress unless they spend money. This is where subscriptions come in, and this is something that Epic could be considering for Fortnite. Spotted by Firemonkey on Twitter, Epic has sent out a survey asking players for their feedback for a potential subscription service called the Monthly Crew Pack.

With this subscription plan, players would receive Fortnite’s Battle Pass, a new outfit, and also 1,000 of in-game currency every month. This theoretical subscription service could also be priced at $15.99 a month. It seems like a lot considering that other gaming services are priced cheaper, but this is currently a survey which means that there’s no guarantee that the $15.99 will be the final price, or if the service will launch at all.

Other companies like Apple have also launched game subscription services in the form of Apple Arcade, where for a monthly fee they’ll be able to play premium games that have no ads and no in-game purchases.

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