fortnite season 2Valve’s Steam Deck is expected to launch by the end of the month, but gamers who are looking forward for another way of being able to enjoy games like Fortnite while on the go, it looks like you’re out of luck because it seems that Epic will not be supporting the console.

When asked on Twitter whether there are plans to basically bring Fortnite onto the Steam Deck, Epic’s CEO Tim Sweeney responded by saying no, there are no plans to do so. It is unclear why Epic won’t be supporting Fortnite on the Steam Deck, but it is bad news for gamers who are looking to play the game on the move.

With the issues that Epic is having with both Apple and Google, Fortnite’s availability on mobile is quite limited. It is essentially not playable on iOS devices, and those on Android will need to download the game via Epic’s own storefront instead of Google Play. There are streaming options, but that will require users to subscribe to services like NVIDIA’s GeForce Now.

Getting Fortnite onto the Steam Deck would have been the perfect opportunity for Fortnite to once again regain their share in the mobile space, so it does feel a bit wasted that the game won’t be supported. Who knows, perhaps this could change in the future, but for now, don’t get your hopes up.

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