fortnite season 2These days, we’re starting to see a rise in movies that are based on video games, like World of Warcraft, Uncharted, Tomb Raider, Resident Evil, Monster Hunter and yes, even Angry Birds. So it honestly doesn’t really come as a complete shock or surprise to learn that Epic might be considering making a movie based on Fortnite.

This is according to a report from The Information (paywall) who claims that Epic might be considering getting into video content, and that a feature film based on Fortnite was a possibility. Keep in mind that the report doesn’t claim that the movie is being developed, but rather it’s something Epic might be thinking about.

There is potential in such a movie given that Fortnite is more or less a survival game where players battle it out with each other until the last player is left standing. Given that there are countless movies and shows based around this survival/battle royale genre, the most recent being Netflix’s megahit Squid Game, it could work.

The game does offer a story mode called Save The World so we imagine that a movie of the game could be based on that. Or whoever is developing the movie could base it on the battle royale mode and create an original story for it. In any case, it sounds interesting, but whether or not it’ll work as a movie remains to be seen.

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