When Apple released the HomePod, Apple actually put out an advisory in which they recommended that users not to place the speakers on wooden surfaces or furnitures. This is because the HomePod comes with a silicon base that has the potential to leave marks especially on wooden surfaces.

According to Apple, “It is not unusual for any speaker with a vibration-damping silicone base to leave mild marks when placed on some wooden surfaces.” However, it seems that Apple might have addressed this issue with the HomePod mini, at least that’s according to a recent review of the device by Rene Ritchie.

This is good news for would-be HomePod mini owners who might have some nice and expensive wooden furniture that they want to place their HomePod mini on, but were worried about it staining the wood unnecessarily. The HomePod mini, for those unfamiliar, is a smaller version of the HomePod and is priced somewhat aggressively at $99.

So far, initial reviews of the speakers have been mostly positive where many are praising the device for its quick and easy pairing and general ease of use, especially at its given price point. If you want to grab one for yourself, you might want to do so now if you’re hoping to get it in time for the holidays, as shipping times are currently estimated at anywhere between 2-5 weeks, depending on the color you choose.

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