While HDR has been around for a while now, it’s probably in the past few years that we’re seeing it creep into more aspects of our lives, such as television displays and videos. For those who have bought or are planning to buy the new iPhone 12 series from Apple, you’ll be pleased to learn that YouTube HDR is now supported by these devices.

All users have to do is make sure that they have updated their YouTube app for iOS to the latest version, and under YouTube’s quality settings, they’ll be able to select HDR from the list of quality options. YouTube HDR has been supported on devices dating back to the iPhone X and other iPhones with OLED screens, but it’s good to see that the company has updated its app so quickly to support the newer iPhones.

For those wondering about HDR technology, it’s short for High Dynamic Range. It is a pretty popular photography technique that involves snapping multiple photos of the same scene (typically) at different exposures, and combining it to create a photo with a greater range of colors and lighting than a regular photo, allowing it to “pop”.

This has also been applied to display technology and videos, resulting in much richer media content.

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