When Apple announced MagSafe, they unveiled two MagSafe chargers. One of the chargers is the puck-like charger that you place your iPhone on top of, and the other, known as the MagSafe Duo, features that puck, but there’s also a smaller puck inside of it that can be used to charge the Apple Watch as well.

This seems like the ideal accessory for iPhone and Apple Watch owners, but it seems that it will also come at a cost. Apple has listed the MagSae Duo on its website where it appears that the accessory will be priced at a whopping $130. We know Apple’s products tend to be on the pricier side of things, but $130 for essentially two chargers seems a little crazy.

To give you some context, the MagSafe charger itself is priced at $40, while the Apple Watch’s charger is priced at $30. Even if you had to buy two 20W chargers, priced at $20 each, the total would still cost you less than the MagSafe Duo. We’re not sure how Apple is justifying the price of the MagSafe Duo, but for now, it appears that many people aren’t exactly thrilled by it.

That being said, we expect that there will probably be an influx of third-party accessories in the near future that feature support for MagSafe, so if you want a similar setup, maybe hold off for now and wait for third-party options to arrive.

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