While the majority of mobile games can be played perfectly fine using the onscreen controls, there are some games that might benefit from using an external game controller. However, this in turn raises some issues in which gamers will need to spend extra money on a separate accessory.

The good news is that so far, a lot of mobile devices already support the PS4 and Xbox One’s gaming controllers, but what about the next-gen controllers? If you’re an Xbox Series X or Series S owner, you’ll be pleased to learn that Apple has stated in a support document that they are working with Microsoft to bring support for the Xbox Series X and Series S’ controllers in the future.

Given that Microsoft’s new Xbox consoles were released not too long ago, it’s nice to see that Apple isn’t taking their own sweet time to bring support to these new controllers. In fact, there have been some evidence spotted in the latest iOS 14.3 beta that there could also be support for the Sony DualSense controller for the PS5 in the works, so it is possible that it could debut with iOS 14.3, whenever that is released.

Unfortunately, it seems that the Nintendo Switch’s Pro Controller is still the only console controller that isn’t being supported right now. It is a bit of a pity but hopefully Apple and Nintendo will be able to work something out in the future.

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