One of the changes Apple is expected to bring to iOS devices in 2021 is improved privacy controls, where Apple will now give users the option of preventing apps from tracking users across multiple apps and websites at the same time. However, it seems that for some users, the feature has launched slightly earlier than intended.

Some users are sharing screenshots in the MacRumors forums which shows that they are receiving prompts asking them if they want an app to be able to track them across other apps and websites. The feature is expected to make its debut in iOS 14.4, and it has started to show up for those taking part in the beta.

That being said, the feature has drawn the ire of quite a few companies that relies on personal data of users for revenue, most notably Facebook who recently took out an ad in a newspaper in which they claim that the feature will apparently hurt small businesses.

Apple has since responded to the ad in which they claim that they are simply standing up for the privacy of their users. This is not the first time Apple has drawn criticism from advertisers for implementing stricter privacy controls, although while it might be a bad thing for the advertising industry, having enhanced privacy is no doubt a good thing as far as end users are concerned.

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