disney plusIf you’re looking to subscribe to Disney+, you might want to do so soon. This is because according to an announcement by the company, it seems that come 2021, they will be raising the subscription fees of Disney+ by $1. This means that instead of $7 a month, customers will be paying $8 a month.

An increase in $1 doesn’t seem like much but when you consider that the company recently confirmed that they now have over 80 million subscribers, that $1 increase basically means that they’ll be pulling in $80 million in revenue in one month alone just from the price difference, so it is quite a tidy sum.

This is expected to come into effect on the 26th of March, 2021, so there is still some time before the price change takes effect. That being said, it should be noted that even at $8, Disney+ is still cheaper than some of the competition out there such as Netflix. However, we don’t expect that Disney will stop at $8.

As the company starts investing in more original TV shows, they will no doubt require more money and we expect that there will be additional price changes further down the road, but at $8, it is still one of the more cheaper streaming options around, especially when you consider its very solid catalogue of content.

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