If you’re a fan of the James Bond movies, then you might be interested to learn that it appears that YouTube and MGM have partnered up where they are now offering the first 19 James Bond movies ever to be released for free on YouTube. This is only available for US users through YouTube’s “Free to Watch” section.

It is unclear why these movies are suddenly free to watch, but it is possible that it could have been done as a tribute to the late Sean Connery, best known as being the first actor to portray the character. However, the freebies will cover movies up to Pierce Brosnan’s James Bond era with titles such as Goldeneye.

Unfortunately, for those hoping for newer James Bond titles starring Daniel Craig, you’d be out of luck, although as Engadget notes, a couple of Craig’s movies are available for streaming on Netflix if you do have a subscription. It is possible that these freebies are also serving as a reminder that there is one more James Bond title that has yet to be released in the form of No Time To Die.

The movie was originally meant to be released this year, but due to COVID-19 and the shuttering of cinemas, its release has since been delayed, so until then, maybe these freebies could help you pass the time.

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