While Apple’s plans to transition away from Intel and use its own custom silicon for its computers was considered a bold step, we reckon that the company’s plans to launch their own car is probably one of their most ambitious (rumored) plans to date. This is because car manufacturing and transportation is something Apple isn’t exactly known for, nor is it something they have experience in.

This is why we can’t say we’re surprised to learn that if we ever want to see the Apple Car manifest itself, we might have a good long wait ahead of us. This is according to a report from Bloomberg who claims that Apple’s plans to launch the Apple Car is many years in the waiting, and we could be waiting for as long as 5-7 years.

This seems to be in line with analyst Ming-Chi Kuo’s predictions, where we had previously estimated that 2025 could be the earliest we could see the car, or even 2027 or 2028 are also likely candidates. The Bloomberg report also goes on to note that Apple has been actively hiring former Tesla executives to help with the project.

Apple had been previously reported to be hiring car specialists like those from Tesla, which makes sense if you’re trying to build an electric car. In any case, this is a project that we won’t be seeing anytime soon, if at all, so don’t get your hopes up just yet.

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