Can you tell at a glance how fresh your food is? Sometimes it might be obvious when you smell something really funky, or if there are black or white spots growing on a piece of fruit, but other times, it isn’t always that clear. However, Apple is hoping to solve this problem with their AR glasses.

The folks at AppleInsider have come across a patent filed by Apple that could potentially be used to tell how fresh food is. This involves the use of sensors that can be used to gather the light spectrum of an object which can then be analyzed and have that information relayed back to the user.

According to the patent, “Infrared spectra, visible camera images, and/or data from other sensors may be used alone and in combination for characterizing target objects, so that notifications can be provided to a user and other actions taken.” The patent also mentions how these sensors could potentially be used in a head-mounted display, although we don’t see why it couldn’t also be integrated into a device like the iPhone.

While it might seem like a rather novel feature, it could also be one of those features that could somehow make the case for AR glasses becoming more mainstream. However, since it is a patent, it’s really quite difficult to say if Apple plans on making it a reality, but it could be interesting if they did.

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