Apple’s plans for their own car have been kind of an open secret. While the company has never quite normally acknowledged their plans, all their various hires have certainly suggested as such. This is why it was surprising when Hyundai actually kind of confirmed that they were in talks with Apple to help them build their car.

However, as it turns out Apple wasn’t a fan of Hyundai speaking up so early, so much so that a report from Bloomberg, it appears that negotiations have been put on hold. At least one of the reasons cited in the report is because Apple is apparently “upset” at Hyundai’s announcement even though nothing concrete had been signed yet.

It is unclear if and when these talks might resume, but given Apple’s penchant for keeping things on the down low, Hyundai might have to sweeten the pot to bring Apple back into the fold. At the same time, Apple might not necessarily have much choice. This is because as the report points out, there aren’t too many car makers around the world that have the capability and capacity to mass manufacture vehicles.

Even then, it is not necessarily a guarantee that they might want to work with Apple. Earlier reports have suggested that not all of Hyundai’s executives were on board with the idea to begin with.

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