Back in the day of video game development or animation, if you wanted to create extremely realistic models, it was not an easy process. It still isn’t necessarily easy, but these days creation tools have come a long way in helping simplify that process, like Epic’s recently announced MetaHuman Creator tool.

This is a browser-based software tool that allows just about anyone to create extremely realistic faces, and like we said, it is browser-based which means that as long you have a computer with a browser and access to the internet, you can start creating right away. This is because Epic has created the tool to be cloud-streamed, which is essentially the same concept as game streaming where the heavy duty lifting is taking place on a remote server.

While regular folks might not necessarily have the need for such a tool, it could prove invaluable to game developers. It will help to simplify the process of creating realistic-looking characters for games (or trailers) without having to spend too much time and money trying to do it all themselves from scratch.

Right now, the MetaHuman Creator isn’t available yet, although Epic is planning for its release later this year. It will be interesting to see which game developers will be taking advantage of it and what kind of games and characters they’ll be able to cook up.

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