Now that more of us are pivoting towards working and studying from home, it means that for a lot of us, it involves learning how to use new technology and finding new workflows. In the case of a university lecturer in Singapore teaching at the National University of Singapore, it seems that he accidentally muted himself during a class and was essentially speaking to himself for 2 hours.

Wang Dong, a lecturer who teaches Living with Mathematics at the university, concluded his session by asking participants if they had any questions, only to be met with silence. A few of his students later revealed to him that he had been muted the entire time, or rather he could be heard for the first few minutes of the lecture and had somehow accidentally ended up muting himself for the rest of the class.

According to the comments, it seems that students have tried all kinds of ways of getting the lecturers attention to let him know he was muted, with some trying to call him unsuccessfully (presumably he did not answer as he did not want his class to be interrupted). What’s amazing was that even though some students left, some remained in hopes that the lecturer would eventually figure out the problem.

When Wang realized his mistake, he promised his students that he would make up for it by repeating the lecture at another date, and will now keep his phone beside him to avoid potential issues again. But hey, at least it wasn’t as embarrassing as having a cat filter on when you’re presenting to a judge, right?

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