Staring at each other’s faces on the screen all day can be a bit boring, so if you do use Zoom to communicate with friends and family members, then you might be interested to learn that Zoom is starting to roll out a bunch of new and fun filters that will help spice up your meetings and make them a little more interesting.

Zoom actually announced the new filters back in September 2020, but it seems that users are only discovering them now. These filters are actually kind of interesting because instead of simply overlaying a mask on your face, some of these filters can make minor adjustments to your looks, like giving yourself a funky-looking beard or weird and crazy-colored eyebrows.

To use these filters, all you need to do is start a Zoom session and go to Video Settings. Select Background & Filters and look for Studio Effects (Beta). As the name suggests, this is still currently in beta so maybe some features won’t work as intended, but they should still be somewhat stable enough for you to take for a quick spin.

Just make sure that when you do use these filters that you know how to turn them off and disable them, and to make sure that you aren’t video conferencing with a judge while you have them on.

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