It is often not advised to drive when the roads are icy because a slight error could result in your car skidding and getting into an accident. Sure, there are tires designed for such situations, but what if your car was smart enough to be able to automatically adjust itself to compensate for any potential skidding?

That’s something that Apple is interested in, as evidenced by a patent discovered by Patently Apple where they have come across Apple’s plans for a potential self-stabilizing feature for a car. The patent describes how the car will have a host of sensors that can detect things like the velocity and slip angle of a vehicle.

Based on the information gathered, the system will then be able to better stabilize the car and provide the driver with feedback signals and assist with other existing systems, like anti-lock braking, electronic stability control, cruise control, and so on. It’s actually a rather intriguing patent and idea and could be a safety feature that Apple could use in their marketing.

Right now, there are rumors claiming that Apple is working on their own electric car and have reportedly spoken (unsuccessfully) to carmakers to help them manufacture it. The car probably won’t be debuting any time soon, but these patents do give us a glimpse as to some potential features that Apple is looking into.

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