Right now, the Clubhouse format seems to be gaining quite a bit of traction and it looks like other companies are quickly working to develop something of their own. The latest to join this group would be Telegram who have announced Voice Chats 2.0 that introduces Clubhouse-like features.

For those unfamiliar, Clubhouse is a new social media platform where people can form different clubs in which they can discuss various topics. It is done using their voice so it’s kind of like a conference call, except that all participants in a club can actually join in by sending a request, so it’s like having an open discussion with strangers on the internet.

Telegram’s Voice Chats 2.0 is more or less the same, where users can join channels and public groups to accomplish the same thing. It also incorporates the hand-raising feature which is where users need to “raise their hand” if they want to speak, so as to prevent people from talking over each other and hijacking the conversation.

In a way, Telegram’s implementation might actually be better than Clubhouse. This is because Clubhouse, at the moment, is invite-only and only available on iOS, whereas Telegram is available on a lot more platforms. Telegram is also not alone in this as other platforms such as Twitter are working on similar features as well.

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