So we know that Microsoft is developing a new version of Windows 10 in the form of Windows 10X. This variant was originally designed with the intention that it would provide dual screen devices, like the Microsoft Surface Neo, a more optimized Windows experience, although Microsoft did recently shift its focus back to single screen devices.

The question is, when will Windows 10X arrive? Last year it was reported that 2021 would be a likely release window, and now Windows Central is claiming that their sources have told them that Microsoft could be planning it for a launch in the second half of the year. Microsoft had told the publication back in 2020 that they were hoping to launch it in the first half of 2021, but now their sources have told them that Microsoft is delaying the release to put the finishing touches.

It is understandable that Microsoft is taking their time with the release. The company has had less than favorable OS launches in the past, like with Windows Vista and Windows 8, so obviously they’ll need to get this right. At the moment, Windows 10X will be focusing on low-cost educational PCs and enterprise, at least for the initial launch, so for the rest of us still running Windows 10, this release might not necessarily be for you, at least not at the start.

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