Apple’s latest iPad Pro comes with an M1 chipset. This is the same chipset used to power other Apple computers like the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac mini, and more recently, the brand new 24-inch iMac. This has led some to wonder what this could mean? Could it be that Apple is looking to merge its iPad and Macs together?

Unfortunately, that is not the case. In an interview with The Independent (paywall), Apple’s marketing chief  Greg Joswiak and Apple hardware chief John Ternus said that both the iPad and Mac are two separate products and that they intend to keep it that way.

According to Joswiak, “There’s two conflicting stories people like to tell about the iPad and Mac. On the one hand, people say that they are in conflict with each other. That somebody has to decide whether they want a Mac, or they want an iPad. Or people say that we’re merging them into one: that there’s really this grand conspiracy we have, to eliminate the two categories and make them one. And the reality is neither is true.”

It is a bit unfortunate because right now one of the problems with the iPad isn’t the hardware, but the software which was initially designed for smartphones. This means that those who want to use the iPad as a productivity device will find it quite limiting. That being said, while Apple insists that they won’t be merging the products, we have heard rumors that iOS 15 is expected to introduce a new home screen design for the iPad that will hopefully make it a bit more productivity-friendly.

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