A couple of days ago, Apple introduced an upgraded Apple TV 4K that comes with upgraded internals and also a brand new Siri Remote. This remote does away with the slippery trackpad like surface and comes with more buttons that will make it easier to use, but internally, it seems to have done away with other hardware components as well.

According to Digital Trends, it seems that the new Siri Remote will not come with an accelerometer and gyroscope. What does this mean? Basically what this means is that if you were hoping to use the Siri Remote for gaming on the Apple TV, you’d be out of luck, or at least for games that require the hardware.

What’s interesting is that when Apple first introduced the previous design, they touted it as being a great way to play games on the Apple TV. In fact, the company even positioned the Apple TV as a gaming device of sorts, but now with the features lacking, it seems that Apple doesn’t seem too keen on the Apple TV being a gaming device anymore.

However, this isn’t to say that you can’t play games on it. If you do want to play games on the Apple TV but you have the new remote, you’ll have to resort to buying a third-party gaming controller.

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