As you might have heard, IFA 2021 has been cancelled. This is due to the pandemic which is still ongoing, and given that a lot of the world hasn’t been vaccinated yet, it’s still not that safe to travel or gather in large crowds. Some companies like Apple have opted for pre-recorded events, but we’re sure that many miss attending events in-person.

That’s an experience that Zoom is hoping to replicate online with its Zoom Events platform. According to the company, “Zoom Events offers something for a variety of use cases – from enabling large businesses to seamlessly manage and host internal events like all-hands and sales summits and external events like user conferences, to smaller businesses and entrepreneurs who have been using OnZoom to create, host, and monetize events including fitness and cooking classes, theatrical presentations, and more.”

Basically, it sounds like Zoom is hoping to recreate the in-person event experience virtually. However, once in-person events start happening again, Zoom is hoping that its Zoom Events platform can also act as a virtual lobby, meaning that people can still gather virtually ahead of the actual event.

In some ways it could also be more useful for event organizers because Zoom Events will allow them to track their event statistics like attendance, registration, revenue, and more. Zoom would not be the first to launch such a service as there are others like Meetup, but with Zoom rising in prominence since last year, maybe more companies might be interested in giving Zoom Events a chance.

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