With Clubhouse proving to be a sleeper hit new social network, it didn’t really come as a surprise to learn that Facebook wanted to do something similar of their own. In fact, not too long ago, Facebook owned Instagram actually launched their own version of Clubhouse, and now it looks like Facebook’s answer is finally here.

The feature, dubbed Live Audio Rooms, is pretty much as its name implies. According to Facebook, “Live Audio Rooms on Facebook enable you to discover, listen in on and join live conversations with public figures, experts and others about topics you’re interested in. Public figures can invite friends, followers, verified public figures, or any listeners in the room to be a speaker.  The host can invite speakers in advance or during the conversation. There can be up to 50 speakers, and there’s no limit to the number of listeners.”

For those who are unfamiliar with the concept, Clubhouse is a social network unlike any other. Instead of letting users post photos, videos, links, and so on, it attempts to emulate a talk/conference, where people can join a room and listen to people speak. However, it’s not a one-sided affair as users will be able to “raise their hands” to participate in these talks, even if they’re a stranger.

One of the appeals is that because this relies on you to speak as opposed to typing out your answers, so far most discussions have been relatively civil, unlike other social media platforms where people can hide behind their computer screens and type whatever they want. At the moment Facebook’s Live Audio Rooms are limited to some public figures and groups, but we expect that it should eventually be opened to all.

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