There are several password managers in existence right now, but it seems that Google could be looking to build its own. This is according to the sighting of a newly added Chrome flag that suggests that Google could be looking to develop a unified password manager for Chrome based on Google Mobile Services.


This is according to the flag which claims that this will be a unified password manager that it “Uses Google Mobile Services to store and retrieve passwords. Warning: Highly experimental. May lead to loss of passwords and impact performance.” It’s interesting because at the moment, Chrome already comes with a built-in password manager of its own.

However, it seems that Google could be thinking of building something similar to Apple’s iCloud Keychain, where you don’t necessarily need to use Chrome in order to access your passwords and that you can use it on any app that you want. It’s actually a good feature to have, especially if you’re wary about third-party password management services and want someone like Google to manage it for you.

Also, it might be ideal for those who have bought into Google’s ecosystem and use Google’s software like Chrome and Android. We have no idea when this password manager tool will launch, but right now given its experimental nature, it’s hard to say.

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