One of the features that Safari on iPhone and iPad lacks compared to its computer version is extensions. Browser extensions can help expand on the functionality of a browser and make it better to use, but the good news is that at WWDC 2021, Apple announced that they will be bringing extension support to Safari for the iPhone and iPad.

This means that in theory, users will be able to install extensions that can do things like block ads, use it with password managers, VPNs, and more. Apple will be making it so that developers can create universal extensions that will work across devices, saving them time in the process.

This move shouldn’t be too surprising when you consider the fact that it was just the other day that it was reported that Apple would be working with other companies like Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla on helping to standardize browser extensions. We’re not sure if there are going to be limitations to the type of extensions developers can create, but it will be interesting to see what developers can come up with.

Right now, Safari on iPhone and iPad do support “extensions” to a certain extent, but these come in the form of separate apps that you have to download and enable through the Settings which can be a bit troublesome.

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