At Microsoft’s E3 showcase, the company showed off their next Xbox product, but it’s something that you might have never guessed – an Xbox Mini Fridge. Yes, you read that right, Microsoft will be making a mini fridge shaped like its new Xbox Series X console. It might sound like a joke, but Microsoft seems serious about it.

For those following Xbox news, this might not be a surprise. This is because back in April. Xbox games marketing general manager Aaron Greenberg said that Microsoft would actually build a mini fridge if they won a Twitter brand contest, which they did, which means that we can now look forward to an Xbox shaped mini fridge to store all your energy drinks and whatnot.

Even if you aren’t necessarily an Xbox fan, it’s hard to deny that the fridge looks pretty cool and sleek, perfect for keeping in your room for all your late night study, work, or gaming sessions. There’s no word on how Microsoft plans to release this, like whether it’ll be a giveaway, a limited edition purchase, or if it’s something they plan to keep in stock.

Chances are it might end up being very limited. The company has created some unique one-off products in the past like an inflatable for the pool shaped like a controller, an Xbox onesie, and also a greaseproof controller.

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