The concept of food being cooked by robots isn’t exactly new. However, for the most part a lot of times it exists more of a proof-of-concept and generally speaking, humans still cook the majority of our food. However, over in Paris, the city has welcomed Pazzi Pizzeria, a pizzeria that is operated entirely by robots.

As you can see in the video above, the entire pizza making process is done by robots. This includes flattening out and shaping the pizza dough, to laying down the tomato sauce, to inserting it and removing it from the oven. According to the shop’s owner, the entire process of preparing the pizza (not including baking time) is about 45 seconds, which is actually pretty fast.

The oven that is used to bake the pizzas can handle about 6 pizzas at a time, which means that in an hour, it can roughly put out about 80 pizzas. Once the pizza has been cooked, the robot then takes it out and then slices it, places it into the box, and then transfers it to a numbered cubby where the customer can take it.

According to the shop’s owners, they spent about eight years researching and developing the robot. That being said, despite the cost savings in not having human employees, the pizzas are priced about the same as other shops where it ranges from 7-14 euros for a pizza.

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