google play storeJust the other day, a bipartisan group of US senators got together and announced that they would be putting forth legislation that would effectively change the way companies like Apple and Google operate their app stores. One of the proposed changes is how companies cannot force third-party developers to use their payments system.

This effectively means that Apple and Google might not be able to get a cut from app or in-app purchases. This would no doubt have an impact on revenue which is why it isn’t surprising that Apple and Google, both of whom are rivals, are now standing together to oppose the legislation.

In a statement made by the Chamber of Progress, a group that counts Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, and Lyft (and more) as members, it basically rejects the legislation.

According to the group’s CEO Adam Kovacevich said, “This bill is a finger in the eye of anyone who bought an iPhone or Android because the phones and their app stores are safe, reliable, and easy to use. I don’t see any consumers marching in Washington demanding that Congress make their smartphones dumber. And Congress has better things to do than intervene in a multi-million dollar dispute between businesses.”

That being said, there is no guarantee that this legislation will even be passed as law, but the fact that there is mounting pressure from not just the US but other governments around the world, it looks like Apple and Google will probably need to nip this in the bud if they want to prevent it from getting more complicated.

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