Right now, when you make a purchase for an in-app item or service through the Apple App Store, developers are forced to use Apple’s own system, which in turn will net Apple a 30% cut from all proceeds. However, in recent years, there are a growing number of developers who are unhappy about this.

Over in South Korea, it seems that something may finally be done about it. The government has introduced a new bill that could force companies like Apple and Google to allow developers to use external payment systems in their respective app stores. This means that developers will have the option of using a different payment system in which they don’t have to pay Apple or Google a 30% cut from their apps.

Companies like Epic Games and Spotify have been rather vocal about the cut that Apple is taking from their apps, and due the policies of the App Store, developers aren’t even allowed to redirect users to external options, like making payments directly to Spotify’s website. Naturally, Apple has pushed back on such requests, with the company’s CEO Tim Cook claiming that such a move would turn the App Store into a “flea market”.

That being said, the bill has yet to be passed as it needs to be voted on, but if it were to pass, it would make South Korea the first to force this issue on Apple and Google, which in turn could pave the way for other countries to do the same thing.

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