One of the features of Clubhouse is that it gathers people together where they can talk and share topics together online. However, one of the key differences is that instead of typing, people speak using their actual voices, which in a way is a good thing as it makes people more accountable.

Now it seems Clubhouse has introduced some changes to this feature where they’ll be improving on it by adding support for spatial audio. This means that soon you’ll be able to better hear who’s talking. As you can see in the example video below, basically based on the position of their icons, that’s where the sound will be coming from.

For those who are unfamiliar with spatial audio, it’s basically like 3D audio where it gives the effect of a sound coming from a particular direction. Usually sound is depicted as coming from left or right, but with spatial audio, you can get the effect of sound coming in at different angles, like from the front, back, from the side at an angle, and so on.

Clubhouse says that the feature is now rolling out on iOS devices and that it will also be making its way onto Android devices soon, so keep an eye out for it if this sounds like a cool feature you think you can appreciate.

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