In addition to selling affordable and stylish furniture, it seems that IKEA wants to expand beyond that where they will now start selling clean energy to Swedish homes. What do we mean by this? Basically IKEA wants to sell energy generated by sustainable sources to residents in Strömma, a municipality in Sweden.

According to IKEA’s announcement, “Through the STRÖMMA offer in Sweden, customers can buy affordable, certified electricity from solar and wind, and use an app to track their own electricity usage. Customers who have already bought solar panels from IKEA can also track their own production in the app and sell back the electricity they don’t use themselves.”

Bojan Stupar, Sales Manager IKEA Sweden adds, “IKEA is a home furnishing company, and we want to make it easier for more people to live a more sustainable life at home. Today we offer smart and energy efficient products and services that contribute to prolonging the life of products, reducing waste, saving water, and eating more healthily, as well as reducing electricity usage. Providing solar and wind power at a low price to more people feels like the natural next step on our sustainability journey.”

The company will be selling the electricity under the STRÖMMA plan, which they’re calling an “electricity subscription”. There is no mention of how much this plan will cost, but it’s an interesting direction for the company, who in recent years, has been branching out beyond furniture to smart home gadgets.

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