Following the passing of Steve Jobs, Tim Cook stepped into the role of CEO and has been holding onto that role for about a decade now. Cook had previously stated that he probably doesn’t see himself at Apple in 10 year’s time, but it seems that he doesn’t plan on leaving quietly.

In the latest edition of Mark Gurman’s Power On newsletter, Gurman suggests that before Cook leaves, he wants to oversee one more major product category. There are several projects being worked on at Apple that have yet to be officially announced (and we don’t know if it ever will). This includes projects like an Apple electric, self-driving car, and also the company’s plan for augmented/virtual reality devices.

According to Gurman, he believes that an AR/VR product will most likely be Cook’s final major product category while he sits at the helm of Apple. Why not the car, you ask? Apparently this is because Cook seems to understand that running a Silicon Valley company such as Apple is a young person’s game.

Because launching a car is no easy feat, it could be years before that happens, and Cook might be beyond his prime by then. We have no idea when Apple’s AR/VR hardware efforts will bear fruit, but it is an interesting development that we can’t wait to see.

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