A few weeks ago, Microsoft announced Windows 365. This won’t be the next major Windows build, but rather a new service that lets users run Windows on any device because you would be essentially streaming it. In theory, this would allow users to run Windows on their phones or tablets.

It turns out that the latter is very much possible, according to a report from 9to5Mac who discovered that it could run on the iPad via the Remote Desktop Mobile app. We want to point out that their report states that it could already run on the iPad through the Safari web browser, but they noted that it was a less than optimal experience.

However, it seems that maybe Microsoft was aware of this which is why the company highlighted the app. It’s actually interesting because Apple has been kind of strict regarding allowing streaming apps in its App Store, but it seems that this app, which was designed to access a physical PC remotely, could have found a loophole to allow it to exist.

We’re not sure if Apple will eventually close that loophole, but for now, it seems that if you want to experience Windows 365 on an iPad, this app is probably the best way to go about it for now.

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