Resentment against Apple’s App Store policies is not new, although for the most part, most developers don’t do much about their grievances other than to just knuckle down and play within Apple’s guidelines. However, in recent times, we’re starting to see more developers speak up and take action.

Such is the case with Primary Productions, an app maker based in New Jersey who has recently filed a $200 billion (yes, you read that right) class action lawsuit against Apple. The company claims that Apple hurts developers through its monopolistic practices and called them a “stealth monopolist”.

This comes after the firm tried to inform users about blockchain wallets through an app which was later denied entry in the App Store after review. The lawsuit also accuses Apple of “blacklisting”, “sherlocking”, search suppression, and they also take issue with developer fees, commissions, and more.

This would not be Apple’s first tango with developer related lawsuits. The company is already in a legal battle against Epic over some of the issues Primary Productions has. There have also been some governments, like those in South Korea and Japan, who have investigated these practices which has resulted in some changes being made that should be good news for developers.

However, despite these concessions, there are some who feel that it isn’t enough. That being said, it is unclear how this particular lawsuit will turn out, but it will no doubt apply pressure on the company who might try to reach a less expensive settlement.

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