Back in 2020 during the pandemic which resulted in various businesses temporarily suspending their activities, like theaters, companies such as Disney had to figure out a way to get their movies out to audiences since sitting on them and waiting for the pandemic to pass might be too costly.

In Disney’s case, the company tried a new model in which they released movies on Disney+ the same time as theaters (when it opened), giving users the option of paying a premium to watch it at home if they chose to. However, it seems that this experiment has since come to an end as Disney has announced that for the rest of their 2021 movies (and presumably moving forwards), they will be headed back to the theaters.

The company notes that there will be several movies that will have a 45-day theater exclusive before coming to Disney+, which includes The Last duel, Ron’s Gone Wrong, Eternals, West Side Story, and The King’s Man. Recently-released movie Shang Chi also has a similar 45-day exclusive window.

This doesn’t mean that Disney movies will never arrive on Disney+, but rather Disney will no longer be releasing them on Disney+ alongside their theatrical releases, so if you prefer streaming from home, you’ll have to wait.

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