Despite iOS and Android being direct competitors with each other, Google has recognized that they won’t be able to convince everyone to come to their side, which is why Google also takes a lot of effort into developing apps for iOS users so even if they can’t get them to use Android, they can at least get iOS users to use their services.

That being said, Google has since published a blog in which they detail the apps that are available for iOS and also how to turn an iPhone into a Google phone through the use of strategically placed widgets.

With iOS 14, Apple finally allowed users to place widgets on their home screen. Developers like Google have since been creating widgets for their iOS apps that make it easier for users to access on the home screen itself, and this blog post is essentially a demonstration of the apps and widgets that are available.

We’re talking about widgets for Gmail, Google Fit, Google Calendar, Google Search, Google Photos, Google Music, and even the Chrome dinosaur game that you can play while you’re offline. When put side by side like this, it’s actually surprisingly complete, so maybe if you’re looking for some home screen ideas, this could be it.

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