While Apple focused their attention on the iPad Pro and the redesign of the iPad Air, there was a tablet that they kind of neglected and that was the iPad mini. If the rumors are to be believed, Apple will eventually be updating it where it could sport a larger display and also a brand new design that’s more in line with Apple’s other tablets.

While that has yet to be confirmed, a concept video created by 4RMD has given us a glimpse as to what that tablet could look like. It should be noted that this is a concept and kind of a wishlist of what the updated iPad mini could look like and what its specs are, as opposed to being a leak based on actual specs and dimensions.

However, the renders don’t look entirely implausible. This is because it uses the flat edges that we’ve seen in the iPad Pro and iPad Air refresh, while coming in various colors that Apple used with its new M1 iMacs, so while we can’t say for sure if this is what the iPad mini will look like, we wouldn’t mind if it did.

4RMD also states that in this concept render, it will come with an 8.8-inch Liquid Retina Display and will be powered by the A14 Bionic, improved Touch ID, support for Apple Pencil, and will also feature a 120Hz refresh. What do you think? Is this an iPad mini you could get behind on?

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