Apple has a real privacy problem with the AirTags. In the recent months, we’ve been hearing various reports of how the AirTags have been used by car thieves to track down their victims, and recently there was also another report of a woman discovering an AirTag hidden in her car’s wheel well.

Now according to the latest report from Fox 2 Detroit, it appears that there is yet another case of the AirTag being abused. The report tells a story of a man by the name of John Nelson who claims that he discovered an AirTag hidden in his 392 Scat Pack 2018 Charger that he had bought two days ago.

According to Nelson, he drove the car to a shopping center in Auburn Hills, and after that he went to a friend’s house. That’s when he discovered a notification on his phone that said he was being tracked by an unknown AirTag. He opened the notification and played the sound and discovered that the AirTag was hidden inside of a drain cap under the trunk of his car.

Thankfully he discovered the tag before anything untoward could have happened, but it’s still pretty worrying. Priced at $100 for a pack of four, the AirTags are so cheap that anyone can buy them and slip them into a variety of bags and places. While Apple does have features to alert users of unknown AirTags in their presence, we’re starting to feel like maybe that isn’t enough.

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