Apple’s AirTag is a useful tracker if you’re trying to locate keys that were misplaced, bags, and so on. However, it seems that car thieves in Canada are getting pretty creative with it by attaching the tracker to cars that they plan to steal, track it, and then steal it.

This is according to a warning released by Ontario-area York Regional Police in which they have identified this method used by thieves to steal high-end vehicles. It seems that these thieves are hiding the trackers in a place that might be out of sight, such as the car’s tow hitch or fuel cap so that it will go unnoticed.

Now, to be fair, Apple is aware of the potential for the AirTag to be used as a tool to stalk or track others without their permission, so much so that they do have anti-stalker features built into it. For example, one of the ways is that when an AirTag is attached to you and it isn’t paired to your device, your iPhone will alert you to its presence after a certain period of time.

However, the problem is that not everyone owns an iPhone which means that in some cases, it could be used to track someone without their knowledge. According to the York Regional Police, they have linked the AirTags to five thefts over the past two months, and suggest that this could be a growing problem in the future.

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