Apple’s AirTag accessory has been gaining a fair bit of negative press over the past few months after people have been reporting that it has been used for theft and stalking. While Apple has built-in some anti-stalking features, the way the AirTag works, users only discover the accessory hours later which could be too late.

That being said, the double-edged nature of the accessory has actually been demonstrated in a report dating back in December 2021 by Fox 7 in Austin. According to the report, a man purchased a truck but was later notified on his iPhone that there was an unknown AirTag following him.

He reported the incident to the police where it was discovered that the truck he had bought was actually previously stolen. It was suggested by the police that the thieves who originally stole the truck might have planted the AirTag so they could track it and steal it again, but luckily the man’s iPhone alerted him to the tracker so he could do something about it.

The good news is that the truck has since been returned to its original owner, but the bad news is that the man who purchased the stolen truck is now out $800. Like we said, this story is actually a good example of how the AirTag can be used for good and bad purposes. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about how it has been used to steal cars, but it also shows that Apple’s anti-stalking feature works (kind of).

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