As you might have heard, over in the Netherlands, regulators are essentially forcing Apple to start accepting alternative payment methods for dating apps. Apple had indicated that they plan to abide by the changes, but also stated that they still wanted a cut from hosting the app anyway.

We suppose that’s kind of fair since the App Store is the only place iOS users have when it comes to apps, but then it was revealed that Apple would be taking a 27% cut instead of 30%. Combine that with processing fees that other payment platforms take and it could actually end up being more expensive for developers, which we guess was the point.

However, it seems that these changes aren’t sitting well with the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets, so much so that they have levied yet another fine on Apple. The regulators are also calling “the revised conditions that Apple has imposed on dating-app providers are unreasonable, and create an unnecessary barrier,” as well as finding that it sets an “unreasonable condition”.

We can imagine that Apple is reluctant to set a precedent as it could eventually be used by other governments and regulators around the world to impose similar rules, but until the company can reach some kind of middle ground with regulators, they can expect the fines to keep piling up.

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