Apple’s Mac mini, as its name suggests, is a relatively small computer. However, we suppose it’s only smaller relative to other desktop computers, but it seems that one YouTuber decided that maybe it could actually be smaller. So much so that Quinn Nelson from Snazzy Labs has modded a Mac mini and shrunk it down by 78%.

To accomplish this, Nelson had to remove one of the biggest culprits when it came to taking up space in the Mac mini, and that was the 150W power supply unit. After taking it out, he then replaced it with an external 65W power supply from the Microsoft Surface and retrofitted it with a MagSafe 2 connector, which then connects to a DC voltage regulator that leads to the Mac mini’s logic board.

Now, one of the reasons for the larger enclosure is to allow for better thermals, so obviously a smaller chassis would be less efficient. To work around this, Nelson then 3D printed a case out of resin and adopted the Mac Pro’s cheese grater design with holes to allow for better airflow.

We can’t necessarily say that this new smaller design looks like something Apple would make, but if you’re interested in maybe attempting it yourself, Nelson has posted a build guide that you can check out.

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